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2 Oct 2012 Mazujar
Love sarigenaku

Name: Love sarigenaku

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While out and about at the amusement park one afternoon, Toshio races ahead to secure the optimum perspective of the upcoming Creamy Mami concert while Yuu leads Midori through a roller coaster ride in which he faints; while taking responsibility for Midori is relatively simple and straightforward, finding a private location to conduct the henshin into Creamy Mami proves to be a challenge for Yuu -- especially when a secluded location is a house of mirrors that causes the henshin to summon a mirror image doppelganger that wastes no time causing an uproar around town. Firmly resolved to extinguish Snake Joe's subterfuge, Yuu approaches Shingo with her concerns the next day only to find that Snake Joe is a step ahead of her as he forces Shingo's hand and backs him into a corner; if Shingo's complacency about Megumi's loyalty and his obliviousness to Megumi's frustration are not enough, Megumi's brinkmanship gambit to scare capitulation of Shingo ignites an adversarial divergent concourse with resolution and epilogue uncertain. Snake Joe is awakened from a sound sleep of Creamy Mami having perverted his subterfuge to his detriment once too often by Kumiko who exhorts his assistance in the synthesis of okonkomiyaki; after giving the matter some thought, Snake Joe reconsiders as he sets in motion a bid to have his revenge by attacking the Morisawa family economy.

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